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Five Tips For The Correct Selection of Triangle Belts

January 21, 2021

Incorrect installation and maintenance methods of the agricultural machinery V-belt will not only increase the damage of the belt and the bearing, but also affect the transmission efficiency. How to choose, use and maintain the triangle belt correctly? Today, the Agricultural Belt Supplier will show you that you only need to do these "five essentials"!



1.Models must be matched: There are many types of belts, and the selection of belts needs to match the pulleys of agricultural machinery. If you are not sure which model to choose, you can consult the V-belt supplier

2. The wheel groove should be smooth: For newly purchased agricultural machinery, check whether the wheel groove is smooth before installing the belt and matches the belt section. The rough pulley is easy to wear the belt.

3. Appropriate installation tension: Always check the belt tension during operation. Rotating the passive pulley by hand, the belt does not slip, but the elastic vibration can be generated when the belt is moved, which is considered to be suitable for tension. Too tight or too loose the belt will reduce the service life, too tight will damage the bearing, too loose will reduce the power output and even cause premature wear and failure of the belt, adjust the tension spring to make the tension in a suitable tension range.

4. The belt should not be stained with oil: V-Belts are mostly made of multi-layer rubber and fiber yarn. The rubber contamination of gasoline, diesel, and engine oil can easily cause deformation and stratification, and the belt will slip and fail prematurely during operation.

5. The combination and use must be unified: some agricultural machinery uses more than two V-belts at the same time, and the number of V-belts cannot be reduced arbitrarily. The entire set must be replaced when repairing and replacing, and all the belts are fully tensioned. Otherwise, because the belt length is inconsistent, too loose belt will not work, and too tight belt will accelerate damage and affect transmission efficiency.

I hope that the above five points can be helpful to everyone. In addition, the company also provides a Joined Agricultural Belt. Please feel free to contact if necessary.

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