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How To Pick And Use Agricultural Belts Properly

July 20, 2021

A long time ago, when agriculture and industry were not developed, people used sickles to harvest crops by hand, which was very tiring. Now we have agricultural machinery such as harvesters, which harvest wheat in large tracts, saving time and labor.

V-Belts are widely used in agricultural machinery. Standardized triangle belt section is trapezoidal, the whole circle without joint, divided into O type, A type, B type, C type, D type, E type, F type seven types, from O type to F type belt section area increases gradually. Choose the type of tape is based on the transmission of power tape speed to determine, which has a lot of knowledge.



1,Select the model:

The selected model should be adapted to the selection of triangular tape, otherwise the triangular tape in the pulley groove will appear abnormal situation, change with triangular tape, it is best to bring the old to the agricultural machinery department to buy, in case the model is mistaken.

2,Correct installation:

Before installation, if the center distance between the two shafts is adjustable, the center distance should be shortened first, and then adjust the center distance according to the requirements after installing the tape; If the center distance between the two shafts is not adjustable, a triangular belt can be set into the wheel groove, and then rotate another pulley, the triangular belt is installed, the same method will be installed on a group of triangular belt. When installing, do not use tools to pry hard, hard pull on the triangle belt, in order to prevent the triangle belt stretching or too loose and tight phenomenon.

3,Daily maintenance:

The operator and the user should master the correct operation essentials in the normal driving, according to the technical requirements of the operation manual, try to avoid the sudden start and sudden brake, and also prevent frequent overload; When the machine is out of service for a long time, the tape should be removed and stored separately.

{Narrow Banded V-Belt}

4,Prevent grooves:

When installing the pulley, the center of the two upper pulleys must be aligned, otherwise it will cause unilateral work of the triangular belt, serious wear and tear, and reduce the service life of the triangular belt.

5,Strictly prevent contamination:

In use, the triangle belt should be strictly prevented from oil and mud, avoid contact with acid, alkali and other corrosive substances, to prevent the triangle belt from slipping and corrosion and early damage.

6,Appropriate tightness:

The tightness of the triangular tape must be regularly checked and adjusted to make it meet the requirements. The triangle belt is too loose, not only easy to slip, but also increase the wear of the triangle belt, and even can not transfer power; Too tight will not only make the triangle belt elongated deformation is easy to damage, but also cause the clutch bearing of the main bearing of the engine to be overloaded, and the accelerated triangle belt will be worn.

The correct check method is to use your hand in the middle of each tape, apply about 2 kilograms of vertical pressure, the amount of sinking is (20--30) mm is appropriate, not timely adjustment.

Now you know how to use the belts in right ways. And turn to AGREAP to buy the agricultural v-belts you need.



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