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Protection And Inspection of Triangle Belt

January 27, 2021

Correct installation and maintenance can extend the life of the V-belt

V-Belts need to run longer and perform better, they need to be properly maintained and pay attention to the installation process. The V-belt is easily stretched during the first 10 hours to 15 hours of operation. If it is not adjusted in time, the damage process will be accelerated. When it is too loose, the position of the generator should be moved outward to make the tension of the drive belt meet the requirements. This approach will eliminate early damage and increase the use time of the triangle belt. In any case, do not use a screwdriver or any other mandatory method to install the V-belt. This can damage the inner wire of the V-belt, which can cause unbalanced rotating parts.

Mixing new and old Agricultural Belts will cause premature damage to the new tape, so do not mix old and new tapes; do not mix them! V-belts produced by different manufacturers have different tensile properties, friction coefficients, and cross-sectional areas. If the V-belts are of different lengths, they will carry a different amount of load. This will cause some belts to overload and wear quickly, shortening the belt life. If one less V-belt is used, it will increase the load of other tapes, so it must be installed according to regulations.



Timely inspection can increase the life of the belt.

When checking the running status of the V-belt, if the belt screams during operation, check the tension of the belt to see if there is grease or foreign matter in the wheel groove. During operation, it is also necessary to regularly check that all belts should run under the same tension. If one or several belts are obviously loose or tight, you need to check whether the pulleys are worn and whether they match the belt.

Regularly check the technical condition of the pulley. A worn pulley is usually visible with the naked eye, but it is best to use a pulley groove gauge to check. Insert the groove gauge into the wheel groove, check whether the wear is serious, and replace the pulley if necessary.

Regular cleaning of the drive components and wiping off grease or other contaminants with solvents can also increase the life of the belt. It is very necessary to adjust the tension of the V-belt regularly. If the tension is too low, the belt will overheat due to slippage, leading to early failure. Excessive tension will accelerate the wear of the belt and increase the load on the bearing, which will lead to overheating of the bearing and accelerated wear.

I hope everyone can maintain and use the V-belt correctly to extend the service life of the V-belt. If you have more questions, please contact the V-Belt Supplier.

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