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The Purpose and Characteristics of The Triangle Belt

February 25, 2021

Here is the Agricultural Belt Supplier to share with you about the use and characteristics of the triangle belt, I hope it will be helpful to everyone

V-belt, also known as V-belt, is one of the transmission belts with relatively large output, more varieties and wider applications. Since the first automobile fan belt was made in the United States in 1917 and used in industrial and agricultural machinery in the early 1920s, it has been prosperous for more than half a century and has developed rapidly. It has become the mainstream of transmission belts. In the transmission belts of various countries in the world, from the perspective of rubber consumption, the V-belt has now accounted for more than 65%, the toothed belt is 25%, and the flat belt has declined to less than 10%. At present, the V-belt has become the main equipment for power transmission and speed change of various mechanical devices in the world. It is widely used in agricultural machinery, machine tools, automobiles, ships, office equipment and other fields, and plays an increasingly important role.



V-Belts generally refer to cloth-wrapped V-belts. Since the 1960s, in order to improve the durability of transmission belts, trimmed V-belts have appeared. This kind of trimmed V-belt, because there is no cloth on the side of the tape structure, the belt body is very soft, resistant to flexing, and has very good fatigue performance, so it has developed rapidly. In the 1980s, in order to solve the problems of transmission efficiency and service life reduction caused by different lengths when multiple V-belts were driven in groups, a V-belt in which multiple V-belts were fixed together with flat belts emerged.

The V-shaped flat belt, which is used to be called the joint V-belt, has a relatively large advantage. Therefore, the phenomenon that the V-shaped flat belt replaces the cloth-wrapped and trimmed V-belt has begun to appear. This kind of tape combined with a V-belt and a flat belt has special requirements for the pulley groove, but because the belt body is very thin, the contact area with the pulley is large, the bending is good, and the pulley is reduced, which can make the transmission device further Miniaturization and energy saving have led to a rapid increase in production in developed countries in the world.

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