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Correct Installation and Use of Rubber Track of Combine Harvester

September 14, 2020

1.Correct installation of track

Use a jack to jack up the frame, loosen the track tightening device, and insert the track into the walking mechanism composed of driving wheels, support wheels, balance wheels, supporting pulleys, guide wheels, etc.and then tighten the track. Be sure to grasp the tightness of the track when tensioning the track. The crawler belt is too tight and the power loss is large. The Combine Harvesters Belt is intensified, and the track pitch is enlarged. It is easy to cause the belt body to crack and affect the service life of the crawler; Easy to derail, it affects both steering and normal driving.

Rubber Track

Rubber Track

2. Correct use of crawlers

(1) It is forbidden to turn sharply on concrete ground or hard road, otherwise it will cause the crawler core to wear and the belt body to twist.

(2) When crossing the ridge, it is necessary to advance at a right angle to the ridge at low speed. Jumping boards must be used when crossing the ridge with a height of more than 10 cm, otherwise the track will fall off or be damaged.

(3) It is forbidden to walk for a long time and make sharp turns on sandy and gravel roads, otherwise it will speed up, the track will wear out, and the track will crack.

(4) Do not work on rotten fields, otherwise the Rubber Track will be introduced to slip and the walking mechanism will accumulate mud and entangle the grass, which will affect normal work.

(5) If stones or foreign objects enter between the crawler and the underframe, immediately stop the operation and remove the stones or foreign objects.

(6) After working on the beach or in the field sprinkled with chemicals, the crawler should be washed in time.

(7) It is forbidden to walk across the bridge, which is one of the main reasons for pattern damage and core breaking.

(8) It is forbidden to walk on a slope on a slope, as this will cause the track to fall off and cause damage.

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