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Basic Knowledge of Rubber Track

September 07, 2020

The Rubber Track is an endless belt made of rubber and metal or fiber material. It has the characteristics of low ground pressure, high traction, low vibration, low noise, good wetland passability, no damage to the road, fast driving speed, and low quality. Part of the replacement tires and steel tracks are used in the walking parts of agricultural machinery, construction machinery and transportation vehicles.

In the 1990s, Zhejiang Linhai Jinlilong Footwear Co., Ltd. developed and applied for a patent for the jointless production process of ring-shaped rubber crawler steel cord, which laid the foundation for my country's rubber crawler industry to comprehensively improve product quality, reduce costs, and expand production capacity. The quality of rubber tracks in my country has a very small gap with foreign products, and it also has a certain price advantage. The following is the knowledge about rubber belts compiled by the Rubber Belt Factory:

Variety and basic performance requirements


According to the driving mode: according to the driving mode, the rubber track can be divided into gear type, wheel hole type and rubber tooth drive (no core gold) type. The toothed rubber track is provided with a driving hole, and the driving teeth on the driving wheel are inserted into the driving hole to move the track. The wheel hole type rubber track is equipped with metal transmission teeth, which are inserted into the holes on the pulleys to engage and drive. Rubber-tooth-driven rubber track uses rubber bumps instead of metal transmission parts. The inner surface of the track is in contact with the surface of the driving wheel for friction transmission.

According to the purpose: rubber crawlers can be divided into agricultural machinery rubber crawlers, construction machinery rubber crawlers, transportation vehicles rubber crawlers, snowplow vehicles rubber crawlers, and military vehicle rubber crawlers.

Rubber Track

Rubber Track

Basic performance requirements

The basic performance requirements of the Rubber Belt are traction, non-wheeling, shock resistance and durability. The traction of a rubber track is related to its tensile strength, shear strength, bandwidth, lateral rigidity, pitch and block height, and is also affected by road conditions and loads. The non-disengagement performance mainly depends on the diameter of the drive runner, runner configuration and track guide length. Rolling off mostly occurs between the driving wheel or the tensioning wheel and the runner. The torsion rigidity, lateral rigidity, longitudinal flexibility, pitch and flange height of the rubber track also have an important impact on the non-seating performance.

Eliminating the vibration source is an effective way to reduce vibration and noise. The vibration of the rubber track is related to the pitch, the wheel configuration, the position of the center of gravity, the performance of the rubber material and the configuration of the pattern block. Durability is expressed as the ability of the rubber track to resist abrasion, cutting, puncture, cracking and chipping. At present, rubber crawlers are still vulnerable parts, and the life span of advanced foreign products is only about 10,000 km.

In addition to the quality of transmission parts and traction parts, rubber performance is an important factor affecting the durability of rubber tracks. The rubber compound must not only have good physical properties, dynamic properties and weathering resistance, but also excellent adhesion properties. For some special-purpose products, the rubber compound must also have salt and alkali resistance, oil resistance, cold resistance, fire and flame retardant, etc.

product design

Rubber track is usually composed of core gold, strength layer, buffer layer and rubber parts. At present, most rubber crawler manufacturers adopt physical surveying and anatomical analysis to design crawler products. The theoretical mechanics, material mechanics and finite element analysis and application of rubber crawlers are still in their infancy.

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