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Compared With Steel Tracks, Rubber Tracks Have Excellent Performance

November 19, 2020

1.No damage to the road surface

Rubber crawlers are better than steel crawlers in non-damage to the road. Therefore, the mechanical operation of Rubber Tracks is not restricted by the road surface, and short-distance transfer operations do not require transportation.

2. Low ground pressure and good wet ground passing performance

Rubber crawlers have better passing performance in wetlands and swamps than steel crawlers and rubber tires, which expands the range and scope of mechanical operations and improves the utilization efficiency of mechanical equipment. Since the ground contact pressure of the rubber track is small, the rubber tracked vehicle has a strong adaptability for wetland operation. Small grounding pressure is more conducive to the rooting and growth of crop roots for agricultural machinery, and is conducive to absorbing water and nutrients.

3. Low vibration and low noise

The rubber track is compared with the steel track. When it is running, the friction between the wheels and the track is changed from the friction between the steel parts to the friction between the steel parts and the rubber, which reduces the vibration and noise of the tracked vehicle. Thereby reducing the fatigue of drivers and extending the service life of mechanical equipment.

4. Low fuel consumption

The rubber track is lighter than the Machinery Track. When the mechanical track rotates, the friction between the track pin and the hole consumes power. The rubber track has good flexibility and good follow-up performance, which effectively reduces the impact and vibration power loss. There is evidence that rubber tracks can reduce fuel consumption by 5-10% compared to mechanical tracks.

Rubber Tracks

Rubber Tracks

5. Increased mechanical speed

In the case of crawler vehicles with the same running mechanism, the use of rubber crawlers can increase the speed by about 15% compared with the design of steel crawlers. Generally, the speed of core iron type rubber track vehicles is 15-20km/h, and the speed of friction type rubber track vehicles can reach 40-50km/h. 

6. Reduce mechanical weight and increase traction

Crawler-type vehicles equipped with rubber tracks have a lighter body weight than vehicles equipped with steel tracks or rubber tires at the same power, and the gravitational force of the vehicle can be increased.

7. Rubber track has good corrosion resistance

Compared with steel crawlers, rubber crawlers are more resistant to saline and acid corrosion. Therefore, rubber crawler vehicles can still operate in salt fields and saline-alkali areas. Compared with the steel track, the rubber track does not have the interaction and friction between the track shoe hole and the track pin, but a whole Rubber Belt, so it is more wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant than steel track shoes in sandy soil and salt fields. It takes longer, so many desert machinery and Yantian machinery use rubber tracks.

8. Easy to replace rubber track

When a crawler vehicle uses steel crawlers, because the mechanical road wheels, tensioners, supporting wheels and steel crawlers are high hardness and high strength friction between steel parts, the crawler shoes, crawler pins and various components are easy to Worn and need to be repaired after a period of use: replace worn components.

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