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Why do Small Excavators Use Rubber Tracks?

October 28, 2020

The rubber crawler of the Rubber Crawler type small excavator has the characteristics of light weight, low vibration, low noise, high adhesion, good ground adaptability, and no damage to the road surface

The basic structure of the rubber track and the steel track is the same, and it is usually composed of guide wheels, supporting wheels, driving wheels, hidden wheels, crawlers and walking frames

Rubber Track

Rubber Track

What is the difference between a rubber track and a steel track?

The rubber track is a continuous High-Quality Rubber Track made of rubber molding. The core is reinforced with fabric and multiple steel wire ropes. There are crawlers on the outside and transmission parts on the inside. Steel transmission parts are embedded in vulcanized rubber belts. The main parameters of rubber track are pitch, number of sections, track width, pattern style, embedded metal style, etc.

The driving wheel is installed on the travel reducer to wind the Mechanical Crawler to ensure the mechanical driving operation. The driving wheel for rubber crawler adopts a convex tooth shape, and there is bending stress during the working process of the crawler, which will cause fatigue and damage of the crawler, so the diameter of the driving wheel is not easy to be too small.

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