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Selection of Triangle Belt

March 23, 2021

The triangle has two kinds of special belt core structure and rope core structure, which are respectively composed of four parts: cloth covering, top rubber, tensile body and bottom rubber. The V-Belt with the rope core structure is convenient to manufacture, the tensile strength is general, the price is low, and it is widely used. The V-belt with the special core structure has good toughness and high strength, and is suitable for occasions with high speed.



The following is the method of choosing the triangle belt shared by the Triangle Belt Supplier:

1.The selected model should be compatible with the selected V-belt, otherwise the V-belt will be abnormal in the pulley groove. When changing to a V-belt, it is best to bring the old belt to the agricultural machinery department to buy it to prevent the model from being mistaken.

2. Install the V-belt before installing it correctly, and install a set of V-belts in the same way.

3. To prevent the installation of belt pulleys in series grooves, the centers of the two upper pulleys must be aligned, otherwise it will cause the V-belt to work unilaterally, which will cause serious wear and reduce the service life of the V-belt.

4. The tightness of the V-belt must be checked and adjusted frequently to make it meet the requirements. Too loose the V-belt will not only slip easily, but also increase the wear of the V-belt and even fail to transmit power. Too tight will not only cause the V-belt to elongate and deform and be easily damaged, but also cause excessive force on the engine main bearing and clutch bearing. And accelerate the wear of the triangle belt. The correct inspection method is: apply a vertical pressure of about 2 kg to the middle of each tape by hand, and the appropriate sink amount is 20-30 mm. If it is not suitable, adjust it in time.

5. When the new and old mixed double or more than three V-belts need to be replaced, the specified type of V-belt should be selected, and the tightness of each group of V-belts must be consistent.

6. Strictly prevent contamination During use, strictly prevent the V-belt from oil and muddy water, and avoid contact with corrosive substances such as acid and alkali to prevent slipping and corrosion of the V-belt and early damage.

7. Daily maintenance operators and users should master the correct operation essentials in normal driving, and according to the technical requirements of the manual, try to avoid sudden start and sudden braking; also prevent frequent overloading; the machine should be removed when it is out of service for a long time V-belts are stored separately.

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