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Transmission Belt Development

September 07, 2020

Transmission Belts are widely used in modern mechanical transmission. The structure is simple, the transmission is stable, it can buffer and absorb vibration, can transmit power between large shaft spacing and multiple shafts, and has the characteristics of low cost, no lubrication, and easy maintenance. In addition to transmitting power, it is sometimes used to transport materials. , Carry out the alignment of parts, etc.

Transmission Belts

Transmission Belts

1.In terms of transmission belts, the quality level of ordinary V-belts has been continuously improved. First, the skeleton material has eliminated cotton cords and rayon cords, and replaced them with polyester cords. In recent years, polyester cords have gradually increased at a faster rate. Replace polyester cord

2. Neoprene rubber has begun to be used in ordinary V-Belts on the rubber

3. In terms of technology, ordinary V-belts of medium and small specifications have gradually been vulcanized with vulcanizing tank rubber sleeves instead of the traditional jaw vulcanizing press, and the internal and external quality have been greatly improved.

4. The skeleton material of automobile V belt has eliminated cotton cord and rayon cord (or cord), and developed from glass cord to polyester cord.

5. In the structure, it has developed from the edge-wrapped type to the edge-cut type.

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