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Agricultural Belts

Agricultural belts, commonly called as harvester belts. The agricultural V-belts which used in agricultural machinery work in extreme conditions, especially outdoors, where they are exposed to sun, dust, dirt, stones and other objects which can get between the belt and the pulley. In addition, V-belt often work in very operationally challenging transmission systems that are subjected to frequent overloads. 

Wuxi Zhonghui Rubber Technology, as China’s famous agricultural manufacturers, we take into consideration these conditions and use special rubber formula technology and advanced technology to produce the high quality agricultural V-belt to meet the need of farmers.

What is the difference between agricultural belts and industrial belts?

In fact, they are the same, they are all drive belts, only some models and varieties are different.

How to use the correct agricultural machine V-belt?

1. the model to match: v-belt models are 0, a, b, c, d, e, f, etc. Therefore, the choice of belt should be matched with the pulley of agricultural machinery.

2. wheel groove to be smooth: newly purchased agricultural machinery, install the belt before checking whether the wheel groove is smooth, such as burrs, to file with a file, otherwise easy to wear the belt.

3. wheel groove to be appropriate: when installing the belt, pay attention to check whether the belt in the wheel groove is appropriate, the upper plane of the belt should be slightly higher than the wheel groove, the lower plane can not be in contact with the bottom of the groove.

4. Tension should be appropriate: check the tension of the belt frequently during operation. Gently wrench the passive pulley by hand, the belt does not slip and can turn, proving that the tension is appropriate. The belt is too tight or too loose. All will reduce the service life.

5. the belt should not be stained with oil: rubber belt stained with gasoline, diesel, oil is easy to be corroded, causing delamination deformation.

6. the model should be unified: some agricultural equipment while using more than two v-belts, can not arbitrarily reduce the number of roots, replacement also need to be replaced at the same time, and the model should be unified, or affect the use of efficiency.

We are a supplier and manufacturer of agricultural belt, contact us for the right solution for you.

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