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Rubber Track

Rubber track also called rubber crawler, which is made of rubber and reinforcing materials, which is widely applied in construction machinery, agricultural machinery and military equipment.

Zhonghui is an engineering rubber track Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) in China, supporting combine harvester customer including World, LOVOL ARBOS, Zoomlion, CLAAS Jinyee, Golden da feng, GIMIG, Changfa Group, YHMAC Massey Ferguson®China, DFAM ect.

The role and advantages of ruber tracks

Rubber tracks are mainly used for special occasions, like parades, tanks, armored vehicles, etc., to protect the ground! The rubber track walking system, with low noise, low vibration and comfortable ride, is especially suitable for high speed transferring many occasions, realizing the all-road passing performance. Advanced and reliable electrical instrumentation and whole machine status monitoring system provide a reliable guarantee for the driver to operate correctly. In addition to the application in the military, it is also widely used in large machinery, such as excavators and other tracked vehicles, which have the same functionality and role. Contact us for the best price on crawler tracks.

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