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Application Fields And Characteristics of Agricultural Belts

December 09, 2020

Application field

Used in all types of agricultural machinery and equipment, such as harvesters, rice shellers, loaders, hedge cutters, harvesters, brush cutters and tillers, among which Combine Harvester Belt are the most used.

Agricultural Belt

Agricultural Belt


1.The exclusive blend of cotton/synthetic fiber can withstand the wedge effect of the Belt without slipping, and the polychloroprene treatment can ensure oil and heat resistance, and protect the belt from static electricity, ozone, sunlight, climate and environmental conditions influences.

2. High quality, high load-bearing capacity, low elongation, high toughness-the tough polyester thread is specially vulcanized, and the multilayer multilayer thread as an integral unit provides high strength, low elongation, and longer flexural life. It can resist bending fatigue.

3. The rubber used in the specially designed cushioning material has excellent adhesion to the polyester cord and the base material of the covering fabric. Always keep the tension member in the correct position. When passing the pulley, it helps to withstand the impact load and flexibility of the Agricultural Belt. Insulated wires can minimize the internal heat generated by friction.

4. The rubber compression part allows the belt to bend around the pulley and expand to the side to grasp the pulley groove. Maintain the normal cross-section of the belt, and through composite treatment to resist fatigue and high temperature, thereby extending the service life.

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