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V-Belt Drive Knowledge

March 10, 2021

The V-belt is an endless belt without joints, the cross-sectional shape is a trapezoid, and the two sides are working surfaces. The following is the V-Belt Supplier to share with you the knowledge about the transmission of the V-belt, I hope it will be helpful to everyone



The scope of use of the triangular drive

V-belt transmission, like flat belt transmission, relies on the friction between the transmission belt and the pulley to transmit movement and power. However, the V-belt uses the friction between the belt and the trapezoidal surface of the pulley to transmit power, so the transmission capacity is greater than that of the flat belt. Generally, it can be increased by three times under the same conditions. The V-Belt drive uses a split-type form, and its transmission ratio, pulley wrap angle, and the calculation of the geometric length of the belt are the same as the flat-type split-type.

Advantages of V-belt drive

1.The belt pulley drive can alleviate the load impact;

2. The belt pulley drive runs smoothly, with low noise and low vibration;

3. The structure of the pulley drive is simple and easy to adjust;

4. Pulley transmission is not as strict as the meshing transmission for the manufacturing and installation accuracy of the pulley;

5. The belt pulley drive has the function of overload protection; the adjustment range of the center distance of the two shafts of the belt pulley drive is large

V-belt drive characteristics

1.Simple structure, suitable for transmission occasions with large two-wheel distance (distance is smaller than flat belt transmission).

2. V-belt has no joints, smooth transmission, no noise, energy level shock and vibration absorption.

3. The V-belt will slip on the pulley when overloaded, which can prevent the weak parts from being damaged and play a protective role. V-belt transmission also cannot guarantee an accurate transmission ratio.

Selection of V-belt drive

For the selection of the V-belt drive, it is mainly to determine the type, length, and number of the V-belt to be used. The diameter of the two pulleys must also be selected appropriately, not only to prevent the V-belt from generating excessive bending stress, but also to ensure the speed. , Wrap angle, etc. must also be within the allowable range.

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