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Industrial Belt

Product Description


Special CR treated outer jacketing fabric for higher durability

Anti-static, oil & heat resistant

Maximum Belt linear speed (Classical section: up to 30 m/sec, Wedge section: up to 42 m/sec, Narrow section: up to 45 m/sec)

Temperature range: -18°C to +80°C

ATEX certified FRAS Belts are also available

Constructional Details

Wear-resistant bias-cut neoprene rubberised polyester cotton fabric

High tensile cord embedding cushion rubber compound

High tenacity, low stretch, specially treated polyester cords

Especially compounded high modulus compression rubber

Product Specifications

SectionTop Width (mm)Thickness (mm)Angle (Degree)Min. Pulley Dia. (mm)Manufacturing RangeBelt Length Factor (mm)Length Desg.
Min. (inch / mm)Max. (inch / mm)Lp to LaLi to LpLi to La
Classical Section
Z106405040 / 1000590 / 15000162238Li
A138407140 / 1000590 / 15000143650Li
B17114011240 / 1000590 / 15000264369Li
C22144018040 / 1000590 / 15000325688Li
D32194035540 / 1000590 / 150004079119Li
E38234050040 / 1000590 / 150005392145Li
Wedge Section
SPZ108406340 / 1000590 / 15000133750Lp
SPA1310409040 / 1000590 / 15000184563Lp
SPB17144014040 / 1000590 / 15000286088Lp
SPC22184022440 / 1000590 / 150003083113Lp
Narrow Section
3V9.78406340 / 1000590 / 15000133750La
5V15.8144014040 / 1000590 / 15000256085La
8V25.4234033540 / 1000590 / 150005392145La


Classical Raw Edge Cogged V-Belts

Moulded Raw Edge Cogged Belts, as the name implies do not have textile wrapping on the outer surface. These are produced by slitting individual belts from rubber sleeve and hence they are called as Cut edge belts.

The manufacturing methods also make it simpler to produce belts with cogs underside thereby reducing the bending resistance of the belts and allowing them to operate on pulleys with approximately 20% smaller diameters. The decreased bending resistance reduces mechanical losses during bending and leads to improved efficiency and reduced working temperature. Heat dissipation is further improved by the larger area between the belt and the surrounding atmosphere and also by the air turbulence around the cogs during operation. Multi stage drives can be eliminated. These belts require a higher tension than the wrap belts so as to exhibit higher power transmission capability.


•  Special top layer with fabric

• Tough tensile member for greater strength

• Molded Cogs

• Polychloroprene cushion rubber compound

• Fiber filled polychloroprene base compound

• Speed ratios up to 1:12 are possible: This eliminates the need formulti stage drives

• Temperature range: -18oC to +100oC

• Maximum recommended belt speed is 30 m/s*

• Antistatic, oil and heat resistant


The advantages of Raw Edge Moulded Cogged Belts over Wrap Belts are of great importance in following cases-

1. Drives with very small pulley diameters

2. High ambient temperatures

3. High belt speeds

4. High level of power transmission


It is recommended to use these belts in borderline cases if difficulties are anticipated in using wrap construction belts

Primarily used as replacement on industrial drives. The classical belts are recommended in special applications such as V-flat drives. In the same manner these belts are advantages where reverse idlers have to be used, because of smaller heights.

Standards & Dimension:

SectionTop WidthThicknessAngleManufacturing Length Range
(mm)(mm)(Deg)Min. (inch/mm)Max. (inch/mm)
ZX1064040 / 1000196 / 5000
AX1384040 / 1000196 / 5000
BX17114040 / 1000196 / 5000
CX22144040 / 1000193 / 5000
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