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What Should Be Paid Attention To When Replacing The Triangle Belt?

March 04, 2021

Here are the precautions for the replacement of the V-belt shared by the V-Belt Supplier, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

1.Replacement of metric and imperial systems

We all know that the size of the V-belt is divided into metric and imperial systems, so we should first judge whether the two V-belts are interchangeable from the metric and imperial sizes. Of course, it refers to the difference between the V-belts of the same model. The relationship between the imperial system and the metric system is: 1inch=25.4mm. However, because the V-belt models are expressed differently, the V-belt coefficients of other models are 2.54, except for the conversion factor of ordinary V-belts, which is 25.4. However, because the manufacturing standard system of the V-belt is different, it is not necessary to choose according to the theoretical conversion result, and the difference of several tens of millimeters is also allowed.



2. Replacement between different types of V-belts

Whether two different types of V-Belts can be replaced with each other, it is necessary to observe their cross-sectional dimensions. If the two V-belts have the same cross-sectional dimensions, the two V-belts are basically interchangeable.

3. Replacement between joint V-belt and single V-belt

The combined V-belt has high stability characteristics, which can eliminate the possibility of the V-belt moving and turning on the wheels, and is mostly used on equipment with vertical shaft installation. The first two alternative principles are equally applicable between joint V-belts. Unless otherwise specified, the single V-belt and the combined V-belt of the same model can also be replaced with each other.

4. Replacement of toothed triangle belt

The above two alternative principles are equally applicable to toothed V-belts. In addition, unless otherwise specified, the non-toothed V-belt model and the corresponding toothed V-belt can be replaced with each other. The above replacement principles are all carried out under the same size.

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