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Current Situation Problems and Suggestions of Industrial Belt Industry

November 07, 2020

Scientific development focuses on efficiency

The continuous development of my country's national economy, the recovery of the world economy, and the growth of global consumption of steel, energy, building materials, automobiles, and food have brought good opportunities to the development of the Industrial Belt industry. The industrial belt industry must seize this development opportunity. However, the development of the industrial belt industry must adhere to the scientific development concept and pay attention to the growth of economic benefits. At present, the overall production capacity of my country's industrial belts is oversupply, with large output and low economic benefits. The industrial belt industry should pay attention to the development of high-end products with high technical content and restrict the development of low-end products with low technical content. Avoid conflicts between supply and demand leading to price wars and disrupt the industrial belt market and affect the economic benefits of the industrial belt industry. Economic benefit is the market's feedback on the overall quality of the company, and it is also the ultimate goal of the company. Without benefits, the company is not necessary to exist in the market to a certain extent. In addition, in view of the relative backwardness of the industrial belt industry in the western region of my country, we must pay attention to the development of the western region in terms of investment and layout.

Independent innovation and market expansion

Today's advanced technology of industrial belts is still in Europe, America and Japan. Compared with this, my country's industrial belt technology still has some gaps. Although part of our country's industrial belt products are exported every year, and there is an upward trend year by year, the general technical content and price of the exported products are relatively low, and the benefits are relatively poor. On the contrary, in order to meet the demand of the domestic market, it is necessary to import industrial belt products that are almost equivalent to the export delivery value every year, and the prices of imported industrial belt products are relatively high. Therefore, the fundamental way out for my country's industrial belt industry is to persist in independent innovation and vigorously expand foreign markets. Industrial belt companies should strengthen the development of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights, strengthen their export advantages by enhancing the inherent added value of products and increasing brand benefits, so as to achieve the purpose of increasing export sales value and increasing export benefits, and turning extensive exports into benefit-oriented exports; At the same time, strive to meet the needs of the domestic market and minimize imports.

Industrial Belt

Industrial Belt

Develop circular economy, save and reduce consumption

The development of a circular economy is an inevitable choice for the scientific development of my country’s rubber industry, especially when the current price of raw materials is rising, the contradiction between energy supply and demand is prominent, and the economic efficiency of the industry is low, vigorously improving resource utilization, saving consumption, and improving the industrial belt industry Economic benefits have important practical significance. According to its own characteristics, the industrial belt industry should regard improving resource utilization, saving and reducing consumption, and developing circular economy as an important part of technological innovation and technological transformation. It is necessary to further optimize the structural design and rubber formulation design of industrial belts to obtain the largest possible economic and social benefits with as little resource consumption and environmental costs as possible. Conveyor belts should further increase the proportion of high-strength conveyor belts with steel wires and synthetic fibers as the core to increase the service life of the conveyor belts. V-Belts should continue to promote the use of polyester cords to improve service life and transmission efficiency. To increase the development and application of thermoplastic elastomers. To develop the repair and refurbishment technology of industrial belts. It is necessary to increase the recovery and utilization of solvents and the comprehensive utilization of waste gas and wastewater in the production process. In addition, it is necessary to realize the sealing of rubber refining as much as possible, and promote automatic weighing of carbon black, additives, oil, etc., and sealed transportation to minimize the loss of raw materials, save consumption and reduce environmental pollution.

Strengthen industry self-discipline and product quality supervision

The current industrial belt industry cuts prices and competes for sales, and benefit leakage is a major problem in the production and operation of enterprises. In the face of irregular market competition, Industrial Belt Manufacturer must take self-discipline actions. It is necessary to give full play to the coordination and management role of industry associations and the supervision of product quality by the industrial belt product quality supervision department. For the association, one is to organize industry publicity activities to let users understand the industrial belt industry; the second is to organize quality credit activities to support enterprises with good product quality and good reputation; the third is to develop activities to cultivate famous brand products to improve industry competition Ability; the fourth is to do a good job of corporate coordination, and guide companies not to engage in loss-making operations and disorderly competition. For the industrial belt quality supervision and inspection department, one is to cooperate with the association to do a good job in the quality credit activities of industrial belt products; the other is to strengthen the contact with relevant departments, conduct random inspections of industrial belt products on a regular basis, and report the situation of random inspections. Resist inferior products; third, continue to implement the key product production license issuance system and product quality certification system.

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