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The Advantages of Rubber Tracks and Precautions For Use

November 13, 2020

Rubber crawler is a kind of crawler walking component with a certain amount of metal and steel cord embedded in the Rubber Belt. It has the following advantages:

(1) Fast

(2) Low noise

(3) Small vibration

(4) Great traction

(5) Little damage to the road surface

(6) Low ground pressure

(7) Lightweight body

Rubber Track

Rubber Track

Improper driving operation method is the main factor of rubber track damage. Therefore, in order to protect the rubber track and prolong its service life, the following are the recommendations of the Rubber Track Factory:

(1) Overload walking is forbidden. Overload walking will increase the tension of the rubber track and accelerate the wear of the core iron. In severe cases, the core iron will break and the steel cord will break.

(2) Don't turn sharply during walking. A sharp turn can easily cause damage to the track due to slipping wheels, and also cause the guide wheels or the anti slipping guide rail to hit the core iron and cause the core iron to fall off.

(3) It is forbidden to forcibly climb the steps, which will cause cracks in the root of the pattern, 1 in severe cases, the steel cord will break.

(4) It is forbidden to rub and walk on the edge of the steps, otherwise it will cause interference with the body after the edge of the crawler is rolled away, causing scratches and cuts on the edge of the crawler.

(5) It is forbidden to walk across the bridge, which is one of the main reasons for pattern damage and core breaking.

(6) It is forbidden to walk on slopes, as this will cause the track to fall off and cause damage.

(7) Frequently check the wear status of the driving wheels, guide wheels and support wheels. The severely worn driving wheels will hook the core iron out and cause abnormal wear of the core iron. Such driving wheels must be replaced immediately.

(8) The rubber track should be maintained frequently, and it should be cleaned after use in an environment where there is too much sediment and chemicals. Otherwise it will accelerate the wear and corrosion of the rubber track.

In summary, users only need to pay attention to the above matters during use, and the life of the Rubber Track will be extended accordingly.

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